Virginia collegiate swim programs seeking competitive advantage, add game changing new training device to improve athletic performance

RICHMOND, Va. – Collegiate institutions across Virginia have adopted GMX7’s revolutionary new training device called the X1-PRO in an effort to gain an advantage over their swimming competitors and pursue championships.

Since November, Liberty, Virginia Tech the University of Richmond have all adopted the X1-PRO and are continuing to increase the devices they have on-hand.

The X1-PRO is a small, 6-inch-long device with adjustable resistance that weighs less than 5 pounds and clips into the end-point connections for a pool’s lane lines. It can then be connected to the swimmer via a leash and travels on a line back and forth up to 50 meters in length at the adjustable resistance the swimmer desires.

“We love our X1-PRO’s at Liberty and we use them 3-4 times per week. Coaches are only limited by their creativity when using this device. Whether for pure power, post-activation potentiation, power endurance, kicking, or drilling, the X1-PRO delivers it all,” said Liberty Head Coach Jake Shellenberger.
“In regards to power endurance specifically, the ability to go 50 meters is a game changer, and the X1-PRO is just as beneficial for distance swimmers as it is for sprint types.”

University of Richmond has reportedly also seen the benefits.

“The Richmond women immediately commented on the deceptively smooth resistance,” said University of Richmond Head Coach Matt Barany. “The coaches are excited, as these compact devices do not clutter our small pool deck. Further, the X1-PRO appears to have limitless applications and we’re inspired to re-imagine our training at Richmond.”

In addition to Liberty and University of Richmond, Virginia Tech’s powerhouse swim program has also adopted the X1-PRO.

“The X1-PRO is an essential resistance training tool that every coach should have and use with their swimmers. It is very simple to set up, easy to maintain and barely uses any storage space. You can use it every day to work on developing power/speed on the start, turns, underwaters and breakouts,” said Sergio Lopez, head coach of swimming at Virginia Tech “It’s also, a great tool to use with low resistance to work on technique correction and stroke awareness. The fact that the X1-PRO is so portable makes it an essential piece of equipment to take to training camps and competitions to be able to keep working in developing and improving the stroke technique and conditioning.”

It’s not just schools in Virginia, either. More than 75 anticipated Olympians from 10 countries across the world are training on the X1-PRO in hopes of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics.

From reigning 100-meter butterfly world-record holder and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Caeleb Dressel, to 6-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, who holds the world record for the 200-meter individual medley, the X1-PRO, assembled in the USA by GMX7, is quickly becoming a necessity for all levels of competitive swim, especially those collegiate swimmers working so hard to get to the very top of their sport.

“When coaches and their athletes witness the results of swimmers training on the X1-PRO regularly, it’s only natural that these programs start to incorporate this level of training more frequently,” said David McCagg, founder and CEO of GMX7.

Development of the X1-PRO began in 2018, and it was tested extensively at the University of Florida prior to becoming available to the general public earlier last year.

About GMX7
Founded in 2018, GMX7 is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is dedicated to changing the world of swimming by empowering competitive swimmers with the best aquatic resistance training devices ever created. GMX7 was founded by David McCagg, a 7-time gold medalist, former world record holder and winner of multiple national championships. The first device on the market by GMX7 is the X1-PRO.

Designed by ROBRADY Engineering, the X1-PRO has already been the recipient of several awards including the 2020 International Design Excellence Award, 2020 Red Dot Award and most recently the Good Design Award in 2020.

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