Maintenance Instructions

While the X1-PR0 requires minimal maintenance there are a couple of maintenance requirements to ensure precise and efficient use of the X1-PR0 and to qualify for all GMX7 warranties.

Each X1-PR0 Unit must be unreeled, prior to use, and reeled in after use, with care to ensure equal distribution on and off the reel.

Following the last weekly use, each X1-PR0 Unit must completely unscrew the tightening screw cap and release the 3 aluminum wedges from inside the shuttle, staying on the tethered line. Then submerge The X1-PRO (including reel) into a bucket of freshwater 4-5 times and/or thoroughly hose the X1-PR0 down with fresh water. Then either hang the entire unit or lay out flat to dry (drying should be less than 30 minutes)

Prior to the first use of the following weeks’ usage, place the 3 aluminum wedges back into the shuttle making sure grooves on each individual aluminum wedge lineup with the inside of the shuttle. Then apply “Lube Tube” (provided in each X1-PR0 package and is waterproof non-toxic {NSFH-1}, biodegradable, non-dripping, non-flammable lubricant) to either the outside of the tightening screw cap and/or inner side of the shuttle where screw cap tightens into and screw the tightening cap all the way in and all the way out, distributing the lube evenly, 8-10 times.

*This is done to ensure precise efficient usage of the “zero to immovable” and “measurable and duplicatable” features of the X1-PRO.