Getting Started


Step 1

Hook the caribiner clip to the lane line hardware.

Step 2

Unscrew the reel fastener, then swim or walk to the opposite end of the pool while holding the reel, letting it unwind.

Step 3

The figure 9 carabiner will secure the line at the opposite end of the pool. Follow the diagram to lock the line in place.

Step 4

Trouble getting the line tight? Try wrapping the line into the figure 9 (about a foot away from the wall) then stretching it to hook into the lane-line hardware.

Step 5

Once the figure 9 is in place, the reel can go on the pool deck, out of the way.

Step 6

Connect the leash to the shuttle handle.

A: Loop under handle

B. Slide clip through loop

C: Pull all the way tight

Step 7

The leash swivel clip connects to the d-ring on the belt.

Step 8

Adjust tension by turning the screw top of the shuttle. (Clockwise for more resistance, counter-clockwise for less.)