GMX7 Joins Forces with Michael Andrew As He Sets Sights On The 2024 Olympics in Paris

GMX7, the leader in aquatic resistance training, is delighted to announce a dynamic partnership with swimming sensation Michael Andrew as he embarks on his journey to the 2024 Olympic Games. This exciting collaboration promises to redefine the way athletes prepare for the world’s most prestigious sporting event.

Michael Andrew, a prominent figure in the world of competitive swimming, has been rewriting the record books with his exceptional talent and innovative training methods. As he gears up for the 2024 Olympics, this partnership with GMX7 signifies his unwavering commitment to reaching new heights in the pool.

GMX7 is a leading-edge aquatic resistance system that leverages cutting-edge technology and science to help athletes reach their maximum potential in the water. With its precision engineering, GMX7 offers smooth, adjustable resistance across the entire length of the pool, empowering swimmers to fine-tune their techniques, enhance their strength, and achieve peak performance levels.

“Adding the GMX7 X1 to my training programs has helped me gain strength in my strokes quicker, while being able to maintain specific movements in the water under load” Michael Andrew expressed. This ultimately leads to faster swimming, and more confidence in the power being produced through each stroke taken.”

Peter Andrew (father and coach) added “We believe in the formula stress plus rest = growth. With the GMX7 X1 we are able to stress the body faster than normal and see physical gains sooner. We travel all over the world and train in different facilities. The GMX7 is perfectly portable for carry on but packs a punch when being used in the pool!”

Michael Andrew has already achieved remarkable milestones in the world of competitive swimming, representing the United States on the global stage and amassing a devoted global fanbase. The Olympic gold medalist in the 4×100 Medley Relay in Tokyo is looking to add to his medal collection in France. His commitment to pushing the boundaries and pursuing excellence aligns seamlessly with GMX7’s mission to provide athletes with the tools they need to excel.

David McCagg, founder of GMX7, commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Michael Andrew on his journey to the 2024 Olympics. Michael’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his innovative approach to training make him the perfect fit for GMX7. We are confident that this partnership will not only help Michael reach new heights but also inspire athletes around the world to elevate their performance.”

Fans and supporters can follow Michael Andrew‘s preparation for the 2024 Olympics, along with the partnership with GMX7, through Michael’s social media channels and GMX7’s website and social media.

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