GMX7 is Adapting to Help Athletes Power Train Any Distance During COVID-19.

GMX7 is Adapting to Help Athletes Power Train Any Distance During COVID-19.

With competitive pools slow to open and daunting restrictions once open, GMX7 has found the solution to allow all athletes with access to backyard/private pools to power train with the X1-PRO. For those who don’t know, the X1-PRO is essentially a power tower resistance device with multiple extra features; not to mention it just happens to fit in your backpack. The Bi-Directional feature, the X1- PRO, literally, turns any size pool into 50 meters, allowing the athlete to simulate normal competitive pool training.

Please reach out to us at with any and all questions, as GMX7 is here to help, during these unprecedented times. If you have questions about your specific pool setup, we have the answer and solution for you. Whether you are a current customer or potential customer, we will send you the supplies needed at no charge.

Our mission: “We want to empower people to be their greatest self in and out of the water.”


Heavy duty suction cup anchors with securing hook tie-downs, made of high-quality ABS and PVC materials. These suction cup anchors are a quick and easy set up working on all flat tile and/or concrete surfaces, vertical or horizontal. The flatter and smoother the surface, the more resistance they will endure. The picture to the left (Figure #1) shows the suction cup on the vertical tiles around the pools rim and in (Figure #2) shows the suction cup also on top of the pool decking. The suction cups are not only extremely durable but include swivel clips so that the X1-PRO can easily hook into as if they were eyebolts in a competitive pool (Figure #3). After your workout, the suction cups easily remove with no leftover marks and can be reused.

If you are a current or potential customer and would like to try this method out in your pool please email us at, and we will send them to you at no cost.