New Approach to Resistance Training Yields Better Results

GMX7 creates the new training standard based upon resistance as a foundation for your program.

  • See why the top swimmers in the world are using unique GMX7 resistance trainers
  • Developed by a world-record holder for world-class Olympians and elite swimmers
  • Revolutionizes the idea of resistance training allowing swimmers to work on power, speed, and body positioning simultaneously in the pool in a third of the time of traditional practices
  • Design your training program around your resistance trainer rather than augment your lap training with occasional resistance training
  • Unique product design reinforces perfect swim stroke mechanics and enables coaches to guide improvement while building strength, speed, and body position.
  • Bringing the training lessons with the top elite swimmers in the world to competitive swimmers, masters swimmers, triathletes, and fitness swimmers to improve performance no matter what level of swimming whether competitive, fitness or developmental.
  • Take a play out of the professional playbook, don’t just make resistance a part of your training regimen, make it the foundation for extraordinary results – faster, stronger, and reduced chance of injuries