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about the x1-pro.

This is an awesome product and training tool. We don’t have much room and no storage at most of our facilities. Having the ability to train resistance daily and literally pull the equipment out of my backpack is fantastic! I highly recommend this product.
- Dan Jacobs - Head Coach - Machine Aquatics

“The GMX7 Pro is a game-changer and has reinvented training and not just resistance training. It is the best overall coaching/training accessory I have used. It improves all aspects of swimming, as it allows resistance training to be integrated easily throughout sessions with easy set-up, quick and simple change for distance, stroke and swimmer. I have been using the X1-PRO across all aspects of training including dives, breakouts, and turns and I am seeing huge improvement across all levels of swimmers. It has really changed the way we train.”

Clark Carlson, from Perth, Western Australia, Coach & Owner of Swimtek

“The X-1 PRO has been an invaluable tool in many ways for our Team Elite Professional and Age group swimmers at StingRay aquatics. The smooth consistent resistance can be dialed up for challenging short blast efforts or can be dialed down to add a small load. In addition, our swimmers are constantly using the device to work on stoke corrections. I have my X1-PRO’s in the water daily and it has been a tremendous addition to our program.” 

- Coach David Marsh (Olympic Swim Coach)

“GMX7 and David McCagg have created something very special in the X1-PRO. The features are insane and every athlete needs to be resistance training on it!”

- Mark Schubert (Olympic Coach, Mission Veijo Nadadores)

“GMX7 is changing the landscape of resistance training forever. The X1-PRO is a GAME CHANGER and our pro’s trust in the results they’ll achieve with the X1-PRO.”

- Coach Greg Troy (Olympic Swim Coach)

“From the beginning I had the pleasure of watching and testing the new X1-PRO through its entire inception and design .  GMX7 and David McCagg have definitely developed a new product that will revolutionize resistance training for everyone.  Age group through international level competitors will benefit greatly from this new invention.  We have been using it with our swimmers for some time now and with it being fully available it will become the center piece for our resistance training.”

- Coach Ira Klein (Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team)


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