X1-PRO Shuttle (Set)


Why purcahse additional X1-PRO shuttles?

What makes this unique is it allows you to train more than one athlete on one line. The shuttle set is to be attached to X1 pro reel unit for training two or more athletes on one line. *This is customized to be added to the 25 or 50 meter GMX7 X-1 PRO. The shuttle set includes attachment accessories for two athletes including belt & clips.

The X1-PRO is the best aquatic resistance training device in the world, designed with swimmers of all kinds in mind. Pure innovation, the X1-PRO provides smooth bidirectional resistance, allowing you to swim freely for up to 50 meters. While instant stroke correction forces stroke efficiencies. So lightweight and compact, it can fit in a backpack. The X1-PRO allows swimmers to reach a deeper level of possibilities with their swimming. There’s nothing like it.

This X1-PRO is currently in production and is expected to be available to ship on December 15th, 2019. For more information on the X1-PRO’s production status, please email us at contact@gmx7training.com.

Shipping is included at no charge.

Read the X1-PRO Warranty

*Disclaimer: The X1-PRO is intended for in water use only. Consumer understands there is a risk of injury associated with training and usage of the X1-PRO Aquatic Resistance Training system and assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that may be incurred while handling, exercising or swimming with the X1-PRO. Consumer agrees to arbitration, waive any right to a jury trial, and waive any right or claim to any consequential, special or punitive damages or any award of attorneys’ fees and costs associated with arbitration or litigation.

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The X1-PRO provides:


Smooth & Consistent


Zero to Immovable


Measurable & Duplicatable


This is customized to be added to the 25 or 50 meter GMX7 X-1 PRO


Instant Stroke Correction


Lightweight & Portable

The X1-PRO includes:


Tension Adjustment Dial


Anodized Aluminum Internal Tension Wedges


Leash Attachment


Line Tightening Clip

  • Carabiner
  • Cam Mechanism
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