X1-PRO – 25M


The X1-PRO is the best aquatic resistance training device in the world, designed with swimmers of all kinds in mind. Pure innovation, the X1-PRO provides smooth bidirectional resistance, allowing you to swim freely for up to 25 meters. While instant stroke correction forces stroke efficiencies. So lightweight and compact, it can fit in a backpack. The X1-PRO allows swimmers to reach a deeper level of possibilities with their swimming. There’s nothing like it.

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*Disclaimer: The X1-PRO is intended for in water use only. Consumer understands there is a risk of injury associated with training and usage of the X1-PRO Aquatic Resistance Training system and assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that may be incurred while handling, exercising or swimming with the X1-PRO. Consumer agrees to arbitration, waive any right to a jury trial, and waive any right or claim to any consequential, special or punitive damages or any award of attorneys’ fees and costs associated with arbitration or litigation.



The X1-PRO provides:


Smooth & Consistent


Zero to Immovable


Measurable & Duplicatable


Up to 25 Meters




Instant Stroke Correction


Lightweight & Portable

The X1-PRO includes:


Tension Adjustment Dial


Anodized Aluminum Internal Tension Wedges


Leash Attachment


Line Tightening Clip

  • Carabiner
  • Cam Mechanism

Line Storage Wheel

  • Holds up to 25m of line
  • Aluminum Combination
  • Fairlead with Adjustable Brake

Additional information

Reel Distance:

25M (Short Course), 50M (Regulation)


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