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We understand new training tools can be daunting for coaches and athletes, but we are here to help! GMX7 has incorporated strength and efficiencies into Aquatic Resistance Training that has never been done before, providing a guide for maintaining the correct stroke technique and body position for all 4 strokes. The X1-PRO provides unlimited options to resistance training, including breakouts, sprints, distance, 50’s, 100’s, 200’s etc. Any sets, or combination of sets, at any distance from zero to immovable resistance. If you, as a coach or athlete, can think it, you can train it with resistance. With no limitations, coaches are finding unique ways to implement the X1-PRO not only in power training, but endurance training, stroke drills, hip rotation alignment and countless more drills every day.


GMX7 has been fortunate enough to have insights from some of the greatest coaches in swimming including Greg Troy, Mark Schubert, Ira Klein, and David Marsh. After extensive testing with the X1-PRO among the most elite athletes in the world including Ryan Lochte, Caleb Dressel and countless other pro and age group swimmers, we are confident we can compile training programs tailored to you or your swimmers exact needs.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and/or your team. Have a large team? Are you concerned about the cost of multiple devices? Just contact us and we will work with you to get your bulk order at a fair price. We offer a 60- day money-back guarantee and free shipping on all orders within the United States. Please contact David McCagg directly at (303) 859-2425 for any and all questions regarding setup, workouts and stroke drills. 

GMX7… Empowering your athletes to be their greatest self in and out of the water!



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