Rethinking Resistance as the Core of a Training Program

Resistance has never been available in this form, and it provides swimmers the ability to gain power, strength, and speed to see greater results than using traditional outdated resistance training devices. We want to change the way coaches and swimmers see resistance...

Resistance Efficiencies

Athletes can get the equivalent of a two-hour workout in just 40 minutes, while simultaneously correcting stroke deficiencies to have a significantly more effective training session. Not only will they build tremendous endurance, strength, power, and speed, but also...

Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use

Make resistance swimming an essential part of your swim training regimen. The highly compact and portable X1-PRO can be set up in a minute and provide an athlete with any level of resistance they choose from barely noticeable all the way to immovable. Clip the system...

New Approach to Resistance Training Yields Better Results

GMX7 creates the new training standard based upon resistance as a foundation for your program. See why the top swimmers in the world are using unique GMX7 resistance trainers Developed by a world-record holder for world-class Olympians and elite swimmers...


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